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40-th student scientific conference "Physics of Space"

  1. The annual student scientific conference "Physics of Space" aims to overcome the gap between modern scientific research and basic education in astronomy. The main purpose of the conference is to introduce the students to modern problems and directions of scientific research. The working language of the conference is Russian and English.
  2. The scientific program of the conference contains:
    1. review talks (40 minutes) of leading experts in the field of astronomy;
    2. talks of undergraduate students(15 minutes);
    3. talks (15 minutes) in scientific sections;
    4. а poster session.

    Each undergraduate may present oral talks and posters. All talks by undergraduate students will be accepted. However, a student is allowed to present only one talk for the competition. Further, the competition of the student talks is restricted to the talks with the list of authors containing only undergraduate students.

    Posters may be presented by students, faculty members and scientists. The poster should not exceed 16 pages of A4 format (1 m2).

    The program of the conference is set up by the local group of the conference scientific organizing committee:

    1. P. E. Zakharova (USU - The Ural State University),
    2. E. D. Kuznetsov (USU),
    3. A. M. Sobolev (USU),
    4. A. B. Ostrovskii (USU),
    5. K. V. Kholshevnikov (St. Petersburg State University),
    6. B. M. Shustov (Institute of Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences).
  3. The 40th Student's Scientific Conference will take place at the Kourovka Astronomical Observatory, Sverdlovsk region, Russian Federation from 31 January untill 04 February 2011.

    You can find additional information about the conference at

  4. Please, register and apply to give a talks before 29 December 2010 at

    If you should have difficulties in filling out the registration form via Internet, please, send it by post to E. D. Kuznetsov, Chair of Astronomy and Geodesy, Department of Physics, The Ural State University, Lenin av. 51, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 620083.

  5. The conference Proceedings will be issued before the beginning of the conference. They are published in Russian and include the following sections:
    1. conference program,
    2. texts of review talks,
    3. abstracts of student's competitive talks,
    4. abstracts of poster papers,
    5. literary pages.

    Texts and abstracts should be prepared using LaTeX. Preparation rules and templates are placed at:

    The texts of lectures must be delivered before 10 January 2011. Preparation rules and templates are placed at:

    You should fill in your abstracts directly at our site (Fill in abstracts) before 29 December 2010.

  6. The participants of the conference will stay at camp site "Chusovaja". The costs of the stay at the camp site is about 1200 roubles per day/night (one euro is about 43 rouble). You can find additional information on a "Chusovaja" camp web page.
  7. An Astronomical Olympiad for students is planned in addition to the scientific program.

Further information can be recieved from the

  1. Chair of Astronomy and Geodesy in Ekaterinburg (Tel: +7-343)-261-74-45
  2. Kourovka Astronomical Observatory in Ekaterinburg (Tel: +7-343)-261-54-31
  3. Kourovka Astronomical Observatory (Tel: +7-343)-92-95-381

or by E-mail

  1. %20kvk [at] astro [dot] spbu [dot] ru (Konstantin V. Kholshevnikov)
  2. %20Polina [dot] Zakharova [at] usu [dot] ru (Polina E. Zakharova)
  3. %20Eduard [dot] Kuznetsov [at] usu [dot] ru (Eduard D. Kuznetsov).
The Organizing Committee