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The MASTER-II-Ural telescope was manufactured by OAO Optika Moscow Association and was installed in Kourovka in 2008 as a part of a global MASTER robotic Net. The main goal of the MASTER project is performing a synoptic sky survey in order to find various optical transients, i.e. search for GRBs, SN and Novae discoveries, minor-planet and comet observations and discoveries. Also the MASTER-II-Ural telescope is used for research of open clusters and observations of transiting exoplanets.

The telescope consists of a pair of 40 cm Hamilton catadioptric tubes with the focal length of 100 cm, installed on a equatorial mount. CCD cameras are Apogee Alta U16M with front-illuminated KODAK KAF-16803 chip with anti-blooming: size of a chip is 4096x4096 pixels; pixel size is 9x9 μm; CCD gain in e/ADU is 1.3; readout noise in e/pix is 10. Image scale is 1.85 arcsec/pix and field of view is 2°x2°. Observations can be performed simultaneously in two filters (Johnson-Cousins BVRI system, H-α, Red Continuum), or in two different polarization planes.

Observing time on the MASTER-II-Ural telescope is open to proposers from other scientific organizations. To submit your proposal please contact Mr. Vadim Krushinsky via krussh [at] gmail [dot] com (e-mail).

Geographical location: φ=57°02'12.1"N, λ=59°32'50.18"E, h=290m above sea level.

Basic features of the MASTER-II-Ural telescope

Diameter of the mirror 400 mm CCD camera Apogee ALTA U16M
Focal length 1000 mm

Size of CCD detector

4096х4096 pix.
Focal ratio 1/2.5 Size of a pixel 9х9 μm
FOV 2°х2° Gain  1.3 e/ADU
Image scale 1.85 arcsec/pix Readout noise 10 е/pix

Typical photometric precision

The maximum photometric precision of 0.004m has been achieved for observations of transiting exoplanets. 

The figure below shows the standard deviation of the magnitude versus the magnitude for the bands R (left) and I (right) derived from NGC188 photometric observations.

Photometry for 5513 stars in the range of magnitudes from 11 to 17 with a corresponding accuracy from 0.006m to 0.05m (in band R) was carried out in field of 90×90′ with 180 seconds exposure.

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