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1.2m telescope

1.2m telescope

The 1.2m telescope constructed by APM Telescopes was mounted in Kourovka in 2009. It is a Cassegrain system with an alt-azimuth mounting equipped with two spectrographs, UFES and ANNA set in Nasmyth foci and a photometer-polarimeter is planned to be set in primary focus.

The instrument is aimed at fundamental research of open clusters, star-forming regions, variable stars as well as observations of near space objects and studies of the Earth atmosphere. Also the telescope is used for practical training for students.

Observing time on both spectrographs is open to proposers from other scientific organizations. To submit your proposal please contact Mr. Vadim Krushinsky via astro-request [at] urfu [dot] ru (e-mail).

Geographical location: φ=57°02'12.1"N, λ=59°32'50.18"E, h=290m above sea level.

Basic features of the 1.2m telescope
Optics LOMO Sitall optic Mount Alt-azimuth
1st mirror 1.2m Slew rate in Azimuth and Altitude up to 3°/sec
Coating on mirrors Al+SiO2 Operating Altitude H 20°<H<80°
Primary focus f/3 FL=3.5m RMS pointing for 15°<H<75° <4"
Field in primary focus 1.15° RMS pointing for 75°<H<85° <10"
RMS spot size in primary focus <8μm for λ=400–1000nm RMS blind guiding over 10s <0.15"
Nasmyth focus f/10 FL=11.6m RMS blind guiding over 10m <0.5"
RMS wavefront accurasy <λ/25

Detailed description of the telescope in pdf

Publications using observations from the 1.2m telescope:

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