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ANNA - Low resolution slit spectrograph

ANNA - Low resolution slit spectrograph

Low-resolution slit spectrograph ANNA is mounted at right Nasmyth focus of the 1.2m telescope. The first light was obtained in August 2011 and then the device was send back for revision. Current modification works since February 2013.

The instrument is used successfully to determine spectral types of stars up to 12m for mass spectral classification of stars in open clusters and for determination or confirmation of types of variable stars and exoplanet systems discovered with MASTER-II-Ural telescope.

Observing time on the spectrograph is open to proposers from other scientific organizations. To submit your proposal please contact Mr. Vadim Krushinsky via krussh [at] gmail [dot] com (e-mail).

Optical and mechanical design

Basic features of the ANNA
General Autoguide camera field 2'×3'
Main mirror 1.2 m Calibration lamp HeNeAr
Design Slit spectrograph CCD
Focal length with reducer (0.5) Right Nasmyth FL=6 m CCD Apogee Alta U16M
Resolution 600 Sensor KAF-16803 Kodak
Wavelength 3 500—10 500 А Active pixels 2500×4096
Pixel size 9×9 μm
Spectrograph Image area 22.5×36.9 mm
Slit width 3" Cooling Thermoelectric cooler
with forced air
Slit height 2' Chip temperature -30°C
Grating 300 g/mm Dark current 0.2 e/px/sec
Collimators FL 135 mm Gain 1.3 e/ADU
Camera FL 75 mm Readout noise 10 e/px

CCD specification

Calibration lamp atlas in pdf