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UFES - Ural Fiber Echelle Spectrograph

UFES - Ural Fiber Echelle Spectrograph

UFES is a fiber-fed high resolution echelle spectrograph mounted at 1.2m telescope. The device was designed and manufactured jointly by Astrospectroscopy Laboratory and Advanced Design Laboratory SAO RAS. The first light was obtained at night 1-2 of May 2010.

Now the instrument is used for studies of variable stars, the Earth atmosphere and for practical training for students.

Observing time on the UFES is open to proposers from other scientific organizations. To submit your proposal please contact Mr. Vadim Krushinsky via krussh [at] gmail [dot] com (e-mail).

Optical and mechanical design
Optical design
Optical bench
Telescope unit
Basic features of the UFES
General Spectrograph
Main mirror 1.2 m Optical bench 2.4×1.2×0.5 m
Design Echelle spectrograph,
white pupil
Collimators 2 off-axis paraboloids
λ/10, FL=1000 mm
Focus Left Nasmyth FL=13 m Echelle grating R4(76°), 37.5 g/mm
Resolution 30 000 Cross-disperser grating 150 g/mm
Wavelength 3800—7000 А
N orders 60 Camera CANON 200/1.8
Sensitivity S/N~50, 9m, 2900sec CCD Andor iKon-L 936
Telescope unit CCD
Aperture on sky 5"/10" Sensor E2V CCD42-40 BEX2-DD
Focal reducer 1/2 Active pixels 2048×2048
Calibration lamp ThAr Pixel size 13.5×13.5 μm
Autoguide camera field 6'×8' Image area 27.6×27.6 mm
Optical fiber Camera Control  USB 2.0
Type Dry, step index Cooling 5-stage peltier cooler with chiller
Numerical aperture 0.12/0.24 Chip temperature -95°C
Diameter 150/150 μm Active area pixel well depth 150000 e
Length 23 m Dark current 4×10-4 e/px/sec
Protection tube PVC with Kelvar Gain 0.98-5.3 e/ADU
Micro lenses BK7 output Readout noise 3.1-30.8 e/px

Poster presentation on UFES

CCD Specification

Manual for observer (CCD+chiller) only russian version

Calibration lamp atlas in pdf

Exposure, S/N, Magnitude calculator for UFES